RD-3P model™

Dehumidistat Professional

Relative Humidity Sensor Dial
Off, 60%, Comfort Zone, 30%
Speed Control Selector
Off, Normal, Reduced
Mode Control Selector
Intermittent & Continuous Ventilation
Mode Indicator 
Orange light – Power
Green light – Override
The RD-3P model™ is compatible with PH, PE, XPH, SS3.80 and LCH Series.

How it works

Relative humidity sensor dial

OFF / 60% / COMFORT ZONE / 30%

Overrides the ventilation system to high speed once the level of humidity is above the set point.

If the wall control is in CONT or INTERM mode the ventilation system will automatically return to its original mode once the level of humidity is below the set point.

Speed selection

(Ventilation speed)

OFF – Sends command to shut down ventilation system.

NORMAL – The ventilation system operates on installers set speeds (CONT and OVERRIDE).

REDUCE – The ventilation system operates at 30% reduction in CONT and OVERRIDE speed.

Note: REDUCE mode will not decrease below the maximum low speed of the ventilation system.

Mode selection

INTERM – Ventilation is halted meaning,automatically stopping and starting at intervals the ventilation system from a command from a remote wall controls.

CONT – Provides a continuous ventilation rate. The ventilation system will increase to high from command of remote wall controls.(Recommended for maximum indoor air quality.)

Mode indicator

Orange light = ON (CONT / INTERM)